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Electronic Seals New Procedures, New Challenge

In January 2021, the Government of Mozambique, through the Mozambican Tax Authority, introduced the In-Transit Electronic Sealing and Cargo Tracking System (SEERC), commonly known as electronic sealing, to…

Port of Maputo shares 2020 operation results

Maputo, 21th January 2021: The volumes handled by the Port of Maputo in 2020 decreased 13% in comparison to 2019, handling 18.3 million tons compared to the 21…

Port of Beira streamlines operations with e-system CDMS

Conceived and developed by Cornelder’s in-house IT Department, CDMS makes it possible for documents that were previously submitted, processed, and approved manually and in person

Port of Maputo unveils new pilot boat

The Port of Maputo received its most recent pilot boat named Tsemba which means “Trust”. The vessel was produced from scratch by Tideman Boats in the Netherlands. The…

Port of Beira welcomes maritime cabotage vessel after 30 years

Cornelder de Moçambique, the terminal operator of the Port of Beira in Mozambique, was pleased to receive Greta, Mozambique´s first maritime cabotage vessel in almost 30 years.

Port of Beira welcomes Post Panamax vessel call

The Post Panamax Container vessel, "Wide Juliet", with a capacity of 5,440 of cargo, 255 meters long and 37 meters wide, docked Saturday at the Port of Beira.