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Cornelder de Moçambique – operator of the Port of Beira – has introduced a new electronic system called Cornelder Document Management System (CDMS).

Conceived and developed by Cornelder’s in-house IT Department, CDMS makes it possible for documents that were previously submitted, processed, and approved manually and in person, to go through all these steps using only the Internet – delivering greater flexibility to administrative processes and shorter lead times. It is also ecologically sustainable, since it reduces the use of paper.

Among the multiple advantages that CDMS offers are: (1) the electronic submission of forms and documents; (2) the electronic approval of documents referring to all import and export processes; (3) email notification of the status of submitted and/or approved processes.

The system also allows for digital filing of documents and correspondence exchanged between Cornelder and its customers.

Source: Cornelder de Moçambique