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The Port of Maputo received its most recent pilot boat named Tsemba which means “Trust”. The vessel was produced from scratch by Tideman Boats in the Netherlands. The most relevant feature of this vessel is the hull in HPDE, a very hard and resistant plastic. Also, propulsion is by 2 diesel outboard engines, oferring improvements in fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

These two features are innovative on pilot boats, and this is the first boat of its kind in the port. Tsemba came to reinforce the transport service for Pilots and assistance to vessels, joining Khurula and the oldest P5, totalling three pilot boats, allowing maritime operations to be carried out more efficiently, safely and faster, as well as increasing the response capacity of the port in this regard.

Although designed for the transportation of pilots, in case of need, Tsemba can also be used for other functions such as medical evacuations, pollution control and combat, shipwreck rescue, berthing assistance, etc., with a high level of performance.